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I’m not trying to be argumentative but I’m not sure it does follow that the GDPR will be adopted – I agree, that bearing in mind the concerns that the EC already has with the DPA, and the concerns that “The City” might not be able to trade as easily outside the UK as it does at the moment – there will be changes, but I’m not sure that means that this will lead to the wholesale or part adoption of the GDPR.

I think that there is such an anti-Brussels feeling behind the “Leave” campaign, that if they win, they will be very cautious to look as if they are making UK “home-grown” laws and they are no longer “dictated to” by the Eurocrats – especially in areas of law.

I think if they do adopt “parts” of the GDPR they will try hard to make it look like it has been written by UK law makers and not anyone from the EU.

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