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Ha, you had me going there! I was getting all aerated about the 3rd Principle and hygiene issues....

I have always wondered why the palm-vein reader developed by Fujitsu never took off. Key thing is you still need to be alive for it to work. These DNA locks still work if you are not (I suspect). Fingerprint readers have been around for years and I do not see a difference. I am on the otherside of the fence to most people though in that I would get a DNA swab of everyone at birth and everyone entering/leaving the country. Bit Orwellian, but once you have been the victim of identity theft, you realise than proving who you are can sometimes be rather difficult. If you have nothing to hide then where is the danger? Once human cloning is perfected then there may be an issue but until then...?

"....the user will be presented with a drop-down menu which identifies a spot located at the centre of the..."

Of course, you will be able to customise the spot so as to produce a picture that you have taken and then uploaded so that you will be able to lick that instead - the mind boggles.

This idea will really suit some people; there’s a business opportunity here. Will it be on display at Info Sec ?


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