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A new twist today in the tale of the implementation of this law change, with an ICO press release and BBC website headliner about cookies.

Do my eyes deceive me or has the BBC got it wrong - I don't think the Directive requires explicit consent for cookies?

I sense a nice tension between ICO and the Government!

More importantly for anyone who's trying to run a reasonably cost-effective and practical compliance system, surely the real story is wider and deeper. Many organisations' websites are either brochureware or informational and probably don't use cookies much. Beyond the website, the story is about how critical sales pipelining, profiling and CRM (donor and stakeholder management, lead generation, business development) are becoming for organisations in all sectors. There are plenty of organisations (not just businesses) who find data protection a real minefield when applied to those activities, and they either don't realise that DP applies, or haven't achieved compliance with the current law. It's a shame that the headline news coverage kicks off with erroneous hype and a guilt trip rather than practical case studies and encouragement.

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