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Having run bars, this mandate only makes compulsory an existing inferred standard which will probably be followed by the same bars as before.
There has always been the potential for what you are talking about, but in my experience this is not the way that bars operate. Partly because they are a people business and don't think in a systems fashion, perhaps a little untrusting of technology. Also, individual staff have always been responsible for age-checks and this is a much cheaper option. The mandate only stipulates a 'policy', not a database & audit trail.
Companies are far more likely to collect & retain this sort of information if they can use it for commercial purposes (such as a loyalty scheme), but generally they will try to avoid doing anything like this on account of the effort involved.
The truth is, if having a thumb-print reader at the door was cost-effective and practical, it would be in common use already. This mandate is not going to change this a great deal.

When young people become inured against the intrusion of ID cards and the regular taking and use of their biometrics then the rest of us will have no chance of turning back the tide. And to be honest as long as they can get their pint they generally don't mind what they have to do (or at least they don't if they are anything like I was).

This simple fact is something I believe any government is well aware of. The fact that their strategy seems transparent to me doesn't stop me from admiring its audacity. Bypass the people that might resist and go for those that don't care by hitting them where they do. In their leisure time.

Genius really, and very difficult to do anything about.

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