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Perhaps the ICO comments are intended to be vague as this avoids rocking any boats?

I feel that the ICO sometimes gets confused. I was amused to read in its response to the consulation on the draft local audit bill praise for the transparency of the NFI when it itself found against my F of I request for an Audit Guide relating to one of the NFI exercises, and contested this through to a tribunal appeal, threatening me with costs, and only gave up when, at the suggestion of the judge, I made a repeat request with which the NFI complied, in two stages, with a little more prompting from the judge.

How the same organisation which said that interpretation of a data matching exercise output had to be kept secret can at the same time tell Parliament that the initiative is transparent beats me.

And see the consent order in F of I Appeal EA/2011/0008.

I owe eternal gratitude to Mr M Frankel without whom I might have had a nervous breakdown rather than win my case, especially when they started threatening costs.

Transparency my arse.

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