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Data Protection Training

London: Foundation
Jan 19, 20, 21

Leeds: Practitioner
Starts April 25th

Edinburgh: Practitioner
Starts April 12th

London: Practitioner
Starts Jan 26th

FOI Training
Leeds: Practitioner
Starts Feb 22nd

Information Security Management Training (CISMP)
London: Foundation
Starts Dec. 1st

Update: Oct 19th
DP Regulation: Jan 25th
PIA: Jan 11th
DP Audit: Jan 18th


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Note added by CP.

Some respondents contacted me to express the view that the referral of details to GCHQ could be more to do with FOIA management.

I did indeed worry about this aspect. However,

1. GCHQ are exempt from FOIA by reference of the definition of public authority” in S.84 of FOIA.

2. The status of the document re S.23 is clear – it is clearly marked as exempt from FOIA – and I checked this by going to Internal Review. This Review would have sought the views of GCHQ to the request (as demanded on the document).

3. I asked a couple of FOI officers in public authorities what they would do – they said they would send full details of the request and requestor to GCHQ

Also the main thrust of the blog is not the GCHQ referral but the nature of the national security exemption in FOIA and DP.

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